Top Quality Cleaners clothing conveyor Cleaned and finished wedding dress Cleaned and finished wedding dress


Dry Cleaning

      All our cleaning is done on site. Our prices include cleaning and pressing/finishing.

Wedding Gowns

      We provide full wedding gown cleaning and preserving. Lavone has had 25 years experience handling all types of dresses and is happy to give you a price before cleaning. It is necessary to see the gown before pricing. Along with cleaning we provide boxing which preserves those gowns which are to be kept.

      We also provide smaller boxes for christening gowns and medium boxes for special dresses you want to store safely.

Shirt Service

      We have a complete shirt service with laundry and pressing. Shirts can be hung or folded and starch is also available.


      Our drapery service includes cleaning, pressing, and pleating, which insures you have a beautiful hung drape with no shrinkage. We also provide a takedown and rehang service. Just call to set up an appointment.

Comforters and Bedding

      We have the expertise and the equipment to clean duvets of all sizes as well as other bedding.


      Our alterations and repairs are sent out to quality tailors.