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At Top Quality Cleaners, we take our title as your clothing specialists to heart. We ensure your garments are clean, crisp and well taken care of so they last longer and look their best! As your local dry cleaners in Duncan and Nanaimo, we offer quality on-site cleaning services at a great price. We have a team of dry cleaners with more than 50 years of experience who can go above and beyond to give you a clean and stain-free piece of clothing! We send all of the alterations and repair works to our local expert seamstresses to ensure we meet and exceed your fitting requirements. We also offer consultation on restoration and problem garments. Schedule an appointment with us!

Why Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning helps you get rid of stains that cannot be washed out with just water and general detergents. Stains caused due to oil and grease are very rigid and difficult to wash. Washing your fabric rigorously to remove these stains will only spoil the fabric. So choose dry cleaning for quick and hassle-free cleaning. Our team uses materials that are less abrasive to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We offer removal and remediation of smoke, bio and insects.


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Make a Difference with Top Quality Cleaners

We go way beyond to remove stains and return your garments to a “like-new” condition!

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