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If you are tired of working or attending family gatherings only to have to worry about finding time in the day to do laundry, you’re in luck! Top Quality Cleaners offers office and home delivery services for customers in Duncan and Nanaimo areas. We will keep your laundry clean, dry, packed and ready-to-use, so that you have as many hours as possible to dedicate to the things that truly matter!

Pickup and Delivery Service Made Easy

We understand how busy you are. This service is for customers who would rather enjoy life away from the hassle of having to deal with washing clothes all the time! We offer:

  • City wide pick and delivery

  • Environment-friendly reusable bags (no poly!)

  • Office pickup billing for each member

  • A one-time pickup or add to an existing route


No time to visit our main location? You can drop off your laundry at any of our call offices mentioned below and leave the rest to us.

Save Time, Money and Hassle

Top Quality Cleaners collects your laundry and returns it to you clean and fresh!

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