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Your wedding gown is one of your most treasured possessions. It is a symbol of a very important event of your life and deserves to be treated with extra care. Don’t let your special day be hard on your special dress. Whether it is to remove food stains or prepare for storage, dry cleaning will ensure stains do not set in or oxidize. At Top Quality Cleaners, we use the safest and most effective methods developed for the preservation and restoration of wedding gowns and heirloom dresses. We offer on-site minor repairs and beading to bring your dress back to new. Contact us for wedding gown cleaning and finishing in Duncan and Nanaimo!

Our Process

The key to beautifully cleaning and preserving your gown is to send it to Top Quality Cleaners! We will evaluate your dress beforehand, consult with you on the process and provide a cleaning recommendation and price. After cleaning, your gown will be packed in an acid-free box and paper to ensure safe storage.

Say Yes to the Dress

It’s your special day! Let us help you treasure it forever.

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